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Запірний клапан PE

Час: 2022-04-25 Переглядів: 23

Globe valve is a commonly used cut-off valve, mainly used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline (water, oil, steam, etc., generally used for high temperature medium). Globe valves are suitable for a wide range of pressure and temperature, but are generally used for medium and small caliber pipelines. China's valve "three to" has stipulated that the flow direction of the globe valve is top-down, that is, low into high. The flow direction of the medium through such valves has changed, so the flow resistance of the globe valve is higher than other valves.  


Globe valves should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline. Stop valve only allows one-way flow of media, so the installation needs to pay attention to the direction. Although the reverse installation can also be used, but the service life is greatly reduced, in the case of large diameter, high pressure, it is possible to appear that the switch is broken. Globe valve is only suitable for full open and full closed, not allowed for regulating flow.  


PE globe valve, seat PE material, can be directly with PE pipe thermal, disc rubber seal. PE spool is copper and replaceable, the same as PPR spool. When the spool is damaged, only the spool needs to be replaced, not the entire valve. PE globe valve can be divided into socket and butt (butt welding). PE plug globe valve models include 20-110, PE butt type globe valve models include 63-160.  

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